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Honours and Awards 2008

Fruitbelt Area Warrants of Appointment

Maureen Niven-Henry;  -   1st Beamsville
Liane McGreggor   -   1st Beamsville
Chris Wiemelink    -   1st Beamsville
Suzanne Blaskivich   -   1st Caistor
Jill Laycock   -   2nd Grimsby Beach
Hugh MacKenzie   - 1st Winona

Fruitbelt Area 3 Years Service

Suzanne Blaskivich   -   1st Caistor

Fruitbelt Area 5 Years Service

John White   -   2nd West Grimsby

Fruitbelt Area 10 Years Service

Melanie WStevenson   -   1st Vineland
John Downie   -   2nd West Gruimsby

Fruitbelt Area 15 Years Service

Scott Bradley   -   2nd Grimsby Beach/Service Team

Fruitbelt Area 20 Years Service

Judy Raepple   -   1st North Grimsby Marg Lee   -   Area Commissioner Lloyd Clarke   -   1st Beamsville/Service Team

Fruitbelt Area 30 Years Service

Mike Stevenson   -   1st Vineland

Fruitbelt Area 35 Years Service

Jim Comeau   -   Service Team

Fruitbelt Area 55 Years Service

Russ Kelk   -   1st North Grimsby/Service Team

Medal of the Maple

Michael Quinlan &nbso; -    1st Beamsville

Medal of Merit

Scott Bradley
Andrew Brown
Mike Burke
Tom Burke
Joyce Herda
Marg Lee

Honours and Awards | Gallery | Memory Lane  

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