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Honours and Awards 2007

Fruitbelt Area Warrants of Appointment

Stuart Niven   -   1st Beamsville
Ian Francis Major   -   1st West Saltfleet
Glen Herod    -   1st Smithville
Pam Thorne   -   1st Smithville
Robert Martin   -   1st Vineland
Michael Edward Benson   - 1st Winona
Ben Henry Hand   -   1st Winona
Michael Pyc   -   1st Winona
Gabrielle Elizabeth Schweyer-Campbell   -   1st Winona
Jamie Simpson   -   1st Winona
Christine Marie Ellis-McMahon   -   2nd Grimsby Beach
David McMahon   -   2nd Grimsby Beach

Fruitbelt Area 3 Years Service

Eric Bellmer   -   2nd. West Grimsby
Peggy McLean   -   2nd. West Grimsby
Frank Pelligrino   -   2nd. West Grimsby

Fruitbelt Area 5 Years Service

April Elaine Parker   -   1st Beamsville
Cathy Johanna Quinlan   -   1st Beamsville
Ken Robertson   -   1st North Grimsby

Fruitbelt Area 10 Years Service

Robert Bruce Downs   -   1st Beamsville
Susan M. Wright   -   1st Vineland

Fruitbelt Area 15 Years Service

Brenda G. Johnson   -   1st Winona

Fruitbelt Area 20 Years Service

Joyce Barbara Herda   -   1st West Saltfleet

Fruitbelt Area 35 Years Service

Joan Wiebe   -   Fruitbelt Area Badge/Booking Secretary

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