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The Scoutmaster

Author Unknown

A boy does not have to be shown a mark on the wall to measure up to, when there is a man around about the size he wants to be. The Scoutmaster builds character by first of all being a man of character. He is the kind of a man boys want to grow up to be. They catch character from him!

The Scoutmaster takes the natural gang instinct of boyhood and directs it into constructive channels. He keeps boys busy doing the things boys like to do; hike, camp, tie knots, build bridges, signal, cook over a campfire, swim. He helps boys to help themselves to grow into manly men.

The Scoutmaster is a man of vision and imagination. He realizes that among those shouting, squirming, fun-loving boys in his troop there may be potential captains of industry, doctors, educators, lawyers, poets, artists, maybe even a President of the United States. He realizes that one of the most important contributions he can make to their future growth is to help them to get started right, to awaken their ambition to become leaders of men. He knows that the future of our nation and the world depends upon the quality of our future leadership.

The Scoutmaster is doing a far-reaching work and having fun doing it. He gives of his time without a money return but he has the glorious satisfaction of seeing his boys develop into splendid men. Keeping close to youth, to nature and the out-of-doors keeps his heart young, his enthusiasm keen. Being a Scoutmaster he finds is a hobby that achieves two things ... he helps boys and he helps himself to keep fit and happy.

When the boy within a man reaches out to meet the man within a boy you can expect miracles. And that in a sentence is just what a Scoutmaster does!

(Obviously, this was written by an American and before Scouts became "co-ed". But the sentiments are just as valid today as then.)

(from Ideals, Children's issue, Volume 27, Issue 4, July, 1970. Ideals Publishing Company,[now defunct].)

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