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We're looking for information about Fruitbelt's past. We welcome newspaper articles, photos, old records, personal recollections, etc. As a beginning to developing a Fruitbelt Archives, we are working on a list of Fruitbelt District/Area Commissioners. If you can shed any light on this list or other areas of our history, it would be greatly appreciated. (Photos and other materials will be returned (please tell us if you want it back). We will be happy to give you a digital copy of your material as well.

Got a photo or story about Scouting in Fruitbelt? Send it along for possible inclusion here.

The Grapevine Archives - Memories of Fruitbelt

Volume 1 Number 1, January - February, 2016
Volume 1 Number 2, March - April, 2016
Volume 1 Number 3, May - June, 2016

Here are some photos from an "ancient" Gilwell Reunion(s). Can you identify the Gilwellians and/or the year?

Gilwell Reunion from the Past

1st North Grimsby circa 1960

Photographs of First North Grimsby Cubs and Scouts circa 1960. Left to Right Back Row: Cub Leader Joe Roberts, unknown, Harvey Mooradian(?), Jacob(?) Termuishausen(?), Kees ?, unknown, Larry Gibson, Adrian K?, David Armstrong(behind), Rene Carpentier, Fred Oldfield, Carl Grosul, Ernest Termuishausen(?), unknown, George Wood, unknown, Scoutmaster Tony Roberts. Front Row: John Hogenveen(?), unknown, Gord McLean, Ted(?) Vandermolen, John Holmes, Adrian K?, Doug Pyett(?), Cameron McLean

1st North Grimsby outside old Alway School

Left to Right: Leader Bud McLean, unknown, unknown,unknown, unknown, Ernest Termuishausen(behind),unknown, unknown, unknown, Ted(?) Vandermolen, unknown, unknown, Cam McLean, George Wood (behind), Adrian K?, Fred Oldfield, unknown, unknown (nearly hidden), Stephen, K?, Larry Gibson, unknown, John Holmes, Rene Carpentier, Cub Leader Joe Roberts

We apologize for the many misspellings of names and omissions and welcome any corrections. It is, nevertheless, amazing how many faces one recognizes - even if a name cannot be applied - after about fifty years.

Scout circa 1960

Here I am completely decked out around 1960.

Sharon Oldfield
Sharon Oldfield unloading gear at Gilwell (date unknown: late seventies, early eighties.)

Grimsby's First Scout Troop, 1911

Remembering Scotty

A Concise History of Scouting

The Scoutmaster

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