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Popcorn Sales

Scouts Canada Popcorn

October is popcorn month. Selling popcorn can be a major fund raiser for a group. However, since it occurs so early in the scouting year, it is essential that you plan ahead. Information about the campaign is released in August, so get "popping" and sell that corn!.

Dates to Remember

Some Popcorn Triva

Some of these trivia "facts" are a little out of date.

Adapted from material provided by Linda Way.

Apple Day

Apple Day

Apple Day is the traditional fundraising event that started right here in Canada! Section members will be selling apples again this year. Although individual groups may decide whether to participate or not and/or may alter the dates, the usual dates for apple day are October 17 and 18, 2008.

Money raised from apple sales (as with our other fundraisers) go to improving the Scouting programme through registration fee subsidies, outings, camping equipment, training and many other endeavours.

PopcornApple Day

Donations, Gifts and Bequests

The annual registration fee does not cover all the expenses associated with putting on the Scouting program. If you (or someone you know) would like to help us out financially, it would be greatly appreciated.

We are happy to receive one-time donations, on-going gifts, or bequests from estates. To ensure that your donation is used to further Scouting within Fruitbelt Area, please write "For the benefit of Scouting in Fruitbelt Area" on your cheque or covering letter.

Some of the uses to which your gift will be applied include partial coverage of registration fees for families who cannot afford the whole cost, various activities held for the youth of Fruitbelt throughout the year, provision of a central meeting room and storage of supplies for the Area, and partial payment of registration fees for the Service Team and other Area-wide volunteers.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact the Area Commissioner, Caron Edwards, Ralph Van Dorsten or Fred Oldfield (Contact information can be found on the "Service Team" page).

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