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Annual Area Events

During the Scouting year various activities are planned for the benefit of all Scouts in Fruitbelt Area. Some of these events are described on this page. For exact dates and more specific information, check the "Home/Events" page. (SCOUTERS: We welcome your input to improve this page.)

For All Sections


Usually held on a Sunday (or Sundays) in November at Bowlerama in Stoney Creek. Depending on numbers, all sections may bowl at the same time or the junior sections bowl on one day and the senior sections and adults on another day. Trophies may be awarded.


Each section has the opportunity to build and race a vehicle. Beaver Scouts build (with parental assistance) Beaver Buggies; Cub Scouts build (with parental supervision) Kub Kars and the senior sections build "Big Rigs". These vehicles are then raced on special tracks.

In early spring (usually February) the Area holds races for each section. Trophies are awarded for the fastest vehicle, the best design, etc. The area event is followed shortly thereafter by a Battlefields Council event. Up to ten youth from each section can be eligible to attend (maximum 2 youth from each section/group).


Jamboree on the Trail is a worldwide event. The intent is that every Scout throughout the world will go on a hike on the same day. In practice, some groups are forced by necessity to hike on different dates. It is usually held in early May

For Beaver Scouts

Winter Fun Day

Usually held in January. A half day of fun and competitive activities in the (hopefully) snow. This event is open to Cub Scouts as well.


Usually held at Camp Wetaskiwin in April. Beaver Scouts come together on Saturday for a day of fun activities, meals and a campfire. They sleep over and continue with more fun on Sunday.

Cub Scouts


Cuboree is held the last weekend of May at Camp Wetaskiwin. Each year there is a different theme for which Cub Scouts are encouraged to wear a suitable costuime. Activities are based around the theme.


Great Bannock Cookoff

Held in late spring, Scouts compete to prepare and bake the best bannock.

Other activities specific to Scouts are usually organized in a less formal fashion.

Venturer Scouts

Activities specific to Venturer Scouts are usually organized in a less formal fashion.

Rover Scouts

Llama Moot

More information will appear on the Home Page.

Other activities specific to Rover Scouts are usually organized in a less formal fashion. Since Rover Scouts are actually young adults and are usually fewer in number, most activities are council or region wide.

Activities for Leaders

First Aid Training

Basic Outdoor Skills

Woodbadge Training

Please check the Battlefields site for more information about this training.

Activities Beyond Fruitbelt Area

There are many activies where groups from different areas can come together. The Council Vehicle races mentioned above is one example. Here are some others:

World Environment Camp*

Held at Blue Springs and Blue Heron(near Acton). The last full weekend of September is for Cub Scouts, while Scouts and Venturer Scouts meet in the spring. All take part in activities that help prepare them to earn the World Environment Award.

Eco-Spirit Hike*

Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts take part in a day and evening of activities learning about the environment and what they can do to protect it. Held at Blue Heron.

Scout Winter Camp*

Held at Blue Springs/Blue Heron

Spring Fling and Pancakes*

For Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts

A day's activity in the snow followed by, what else, pancakes. Blue Heron.

White Tail Camp*

For senior Beaver Scouts about to move up to Cub Scouts. Blue Heron.


If you can't make it to Fruitbelt's JOTT, or you just like to hike a lot, join other Scouts at Blue Springs/Blue Heron.

More ...

*Blue Springs sponsors even more activities, so be sure to check out the Blue Springs site.

Scouters are encouraged to include as many of the Area activities as possible in their programs. These activities are intended to enhance each section's program and to encourage communication and socialization between groups.

*For more information about these activities, please vist the Blue Springs web site.

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