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Fruitbelt Area (Formerly Fruitbelt District) takes in most of the territory between St. Catharines in the east and Hamilton in the west. Fruitbelt goes as far south as Smithville and Caistor Centre and is bounded on the north by Lake Ontario. Fruitbelt includes part of Greater Hamilton such as Winona and Fruitland.

Fruitbelt earned its name from the lush fruit trees and graperies that covered much of the area during much of the 20th century. Unfortunately, much of the orchards and vineyards have given way to urban sprawl.

Fruitbelt Area is part of Battlefields Region, so named for the many battle fields (from the War of 1812 - 1814) located in the region.

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This site is maintained as a community service to provide information to scouters, youth and their families about the many activities and opportunities available through Scouting.

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We do not gather any information from our visitors. If we did, we would make every possible effort to safeguard that information. We would not divulge such information to any third party. (Legal authorities excepted.)

From time to time we publish photos of scouting youth engaged in scouting activities and events. In most cases, the youth or their guardians have signed a waiver. Occasionally, parents or others may appear in the photos. We always strive to show our subjects in a positive light. However, if you do not wish your photo to appear on the site, please advise the photographer. Alternatively, if your photo is published, advise us and we will remove it as soon as possible. (Be sure to clearly identify the photo in question as well as the person you wish removed.)

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